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Finally, Make A Living as an Actor, Gaining Freedom and a Flexible Income Stream with…

Express Your Creativity on a Consistent Basis earning more than enough money
so you are no longer desperate
for your Next Acting Job!

How would it feel to have a

creative and flexible income stream

that keeps you acting all the time?

Narrating Audiobooks checks off each of those boxes!

And The Great Audiobook Adventure will outline everything you need to know in order to dive into the work and start getting paid ASAP!

Already a Working Narrator?

We specialize in helping narrators build relationships with publishers. So, if you're already a working narrator but don't yet have a solid income stream going + a roster of clients you work with regularly, this course is designed to help you take things to the next level.

Jennifer recorded 50 books with sixteen different publishers
within her first two years of narrating!

"If you’re thinking about getting into audiobook narration you just simply need to start working with Elise Arsenault and join The Great Audiobook Adventure! You will learn everything you need to know to get started and you’ll get the support you need.

I was all in. I did every module, I did the homework, I followed every step and I built my home studio. I recorded a demo and I started following up with publishers. Within maybe 2 months of reaching out to publishers, I booked my first audiobook!”  

Jennifer Aquino

Dominique Franceschi

André Santana

Tim Lounibos

Nicky Endres

Kim is the narrator of over 65 audiobooks
since starting her Adventure!!

Kim Niemi

"Before taking the plunge and working with Elise, I was feeling scattered about which goals to pursue and how to focus my efforts with two “day jobs” sucking up a lot of time and energy. I was throwing a lot of spaghetti at the wall in the hope that anything would stick.  

With my goal of breaking in to the audiobook industry, Elise worked with me on the various technical aspects I needed to understand and perfect – from ways to use the training I already had as an actor, to new and specific skills needed as a narrator. Through my work with her I refined that technique, figured out which genres I was best suited to, made a demo, and crafted reach-out letters. The beautiful thing about Elise is her generosity in not just helping you be ready, but in sharing her contacts. I booked my first audiobook through one of her referrals and am about to record my third audiobook (that's 3 in three months!). [Kim is now at 45 audiobooks and counting!]

None of this would have happened without Elise. It’s not just that she provides structure and accountability – she becomes your champion. She genuinely wants to see you succeed. She’s helped me feel powerful and confident – and I know it’s only a matter of time before my dream of saying goodbye to my day jobs and making 100% of my income as an actor becomes a reality."  

No audition needed - Terry booked a #1 NY Times Non-Fiction!

Terrence Kidd

It’s time to ask yourself: 

Am I willing to commit to try something new?

This 3-Part System, Class and Support is for actors who are ready to give up the struggle and make a big change, inviting in new opportunity, income and both personal and professional growth in the form of Audiobook Narration. 


Arischa Conner

Sharon Freedman

Subhadra Newton

Finlay Stevenson

Here’s what The Great Audiobook Adventure includes:

This online program is designed to provide you with everything you need to get started booking work as an audiobook narrator, and if you so choose, “replace your day job” for full-time acting work in the field.

Together, we will explore the following:

Prep for the Job:

In this first part of the course, you will learn how to translate your acting craft to the craft of narration, research and determine where you fit in the audiobook industry so that you can create an audiobook demo, business cards and website that highlights your value to the greater audiobook community. Intro to home studio possibilities. Feedback will be offered for voice recordings. 

Book the Job:

With fresh marketing materials in hand, it’s time to build relationships with decision makers, mine for referrals and begin outreach and auditioning. Ongoing support will be provided in the areas of finding decision-makers, crafting reach-outs, building online profiles and more.

Replace the Job:

You’ve booked the first job, now what?! You’ll be introduced to a process for preparing each title, showing up for the job professionally (so that you don’t feel too green), and following through and following up after the job with confidence and power. This part of the system is all about using the momentum of a booking or several to build more relationships and eventual balance a full pipeline of work as an audiobook narrator. We will cover best practices for promoting your work, connecting with authors and more.

Aissa Thalia

Dionne Niesh

Lifetime Access To The Training

When you enroll in The Great Audiobook Adventure, you'll have lifetime access to the recorded lessons for as long as we support it, so you can complete the training at your own pace and revisit the materials anytime you need. 

Julienne now gets direct offers from Top 5 publishers!

Julienne Irons

Danielle Joy Foley

Liza Fenech

Eric feels Supported, Validated, Connected + is WORKING! 

"If I had not been made aware of and then took the step to work with Elise, I would not be in the position I am in now. For the first time in my life, I am a working voice actor, having just signed on to voice three audiobooks for a local publisher. Next week I'll be recording a video game demo with a world renowned demo producer. Neither of these things would have happened had I not been working with Elise. I have worked with other business coaches and marketing coaches over the past 4 years or so and literally nothing changed. There was no forward movement. I'm not saying their techniques won't work for anyone, but they didn't work for me. Elise brought support, validation, connection and real concrete "Go and do THIS" instructions that were actionable, logical and showed measurable results. Working with Elise has made a huge difference."  

Eric Fox

Emma Sacchetti

Rachel Errington

Join The Great Audiobook Adventure and walk away with a process to create your own acting opportunities whenever you want them. Through the creation of ongoing clients, building self-sufficient systems and a home studio along with the guidance of two audiobook professionals who work in the industry every day, you will have a major sense of EMPOWERMENT in your LIFE + CAREER

What is The Great Audiobook Adventure?

  • It’s your Actor Day Job Solution.
  • The A-Z of getting started in Audiobook Narration from translating your acting craft to recorded spoken work to how to build relationships, audition, show up on your first day, build your home studio and so much more! 
  • Essentially, I’ve broken down everything I’ve learned from narrating 160+ audiobooks for several major publishers and will teach you the formula that’s been helping me and many of my students make a living in this incredibly creative, abundant and flexible acting job.  

What Actors Are Saying:

Jade Wheeler

Dani Gonzalez

"Just over a year ago, I felt stagnant and scattered in my acting career. Working with Elise was a complete game-changer for me. It gave me the focus and direction I needed to get organized, grow my network and begin to understand exactly what was in my control. It’s been one year since beginning the journey with Elise and in addition to celebrating reaching my one-year audiobook goal this week, I have also gained the confidence and perspective to let things flow. I now understand how to create buzz for my career and I can’t wait to set my next goal &&attain it! I wouldn’t have known where to start if it were not for Elise &The Global Actor." 

- Callie Beaulieu (Hartford Stage, Narrator of over 100 audiobooks)

"I am ever so grateful to Elise for encouraging me to pursue recording audiobooks as a viable employment option as an actor. It was Elise who first recognized that I could and should narrate - something I had always wanted to do, but thought would be an impossible market to crack, or at the very least difficult to get in the door to audition for. Elise laid out the process for submitting, shared contacts and 6 months later I got a call to record my first book. Elise is not only a generous person and a professional business coach, her creativity as an artist is contagious. I use a phrase I’ve heard others say that describes what Elise did. It’s called 'sending the elevator back down' so you bring people up with you. I'm inspired to do the same with my resources. Thanks Elise for paving a path!" ​ ​- Celeste Oliva ​(SMILF, Castle Rock, Bleed for This)

"Looking back, I am so proud of what was achieved [in my work with Elise] over the course of 5 months. Through [her] guidance and network, I recorded my first audiobook for a major publisher and have continued growing my industry relationships. I cannot wait to gain even more results!"  

- Kristina Horan

Danielle Gensler

Tina Wolstencroft

ENROLLMENT will reopen again soon.
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Why You’ve Got to Join

The Audiobook Industry is booming - growing by double digits each year over the past ten years in a row - and it is the only area of the entertainment industry experiencing growth right now.

Actors are hired as audiobook narrators, and if you are a trained and experienced actor, you already possess 75-80% of the craft needed to do this work.

The rest... we’ll teach you in the course!

Jenn Noble

Amanda Berry

John Leahy

Katie Killebrew

About Your Coach, Elise Arsenault

Elise Arsenault, Coach + Founder of The Global Actor, is known for bringing focus + direction to actors' careers by helping them "live where they want + work when they want".

Through her signature online course, THE GREAT AUDIOBOOK ADVENTURE, Elise and her partner, Justin Marra have helped hundreds of narrators break into and level-up within the audiobook industry. Graduates of their program narrate audiobooks for every major publisher, direct for the Big 5, narrate Audie-nominated and Earphones award-winning titles and emerge as leaders in the industry.

Elise's Dream Big, Plan Smart framework has helped actors attract consistent income from their creative careers and breakthrough limiting beliefs so they experience more fun and flow in their lives.

A graduate of the British American Drama Academy at Oxford and George Mason University, Elise holds a certificate from the Vocal Pedagogy Workshop at Boston Conservatory.

Elise is an award-winning actor, with roles ranging from stage to screen. Her voice can be heard on dozens of voiceover spots including national commercials, industrials and video games. The narrator of over 160 audiobooks, Elise is drawn to stories of empowerment, optimism and overcoming challenges. She writes for Backstage Magazine as a Backstage Expert. When not performing or coaching, you may find Elise making music, dancing, rock climbing, traveling, gathering with friends who impact change in the world and playing with her Whoodle pup, Ampersand.

Our In-House Engineer, Justin Marra

Justin Marra is a singer/songwriter, musician, podcaster, director, and producer. Transitioning into full time sound engineering in 2017 Justin quickly earned recognition as the 'go-to' for Audiobooks, Voice Over, and as a Mastering Engineer.

He has mastered close to 200 audiobooks as well as engineered countless others for independent exchanges, national publishers, and retailers.

In 2019 he engineered and Co-Directed Jenny Slate's Little Weirds for Hachette Audio.

Additionally he has worked with recording artists from all over the world, in multiple genres, and on Emmy nominated animated television series. In a previous regeneration Justin was a high school history teacher and holds a M.A. In US History.

ENROLLMENT will reopen again soon.
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