Have you been accepted for an upcoming the Audiobook Publisher Association’s Online Quick Pitch Event for Narrators?

We'd like to help you prepare!

Award-winning narrator Jennifer Aquino coaches small-group prep session workshops for these APA events.

So if you've already been chosen to attend the APA event and want to make sure you're focused and ready to shine, this workshop is for you!

This session is offered to members of The Global Actor Momentum Club at no additional charge.

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Nicky Endres, Multiple Earphone Awards Winning Narrator

"Jennifer is an active, respected, award-winning narrator whose passion and care for both the people and processes in the audiobook industry make her a down-to-earth insider. Producers trust her to share with her colleagues the keys to successful networking, cuz in this industry, when you meet someone who is fantastic to work with, you wanna get to know all the people they also think are fantastic to work with. Jennifer leads with professionalism, excellence, and kindness. I'm an award-winning narrator myself because of Jennifer! She notices the best in people and has a talent for recognizing potential. Both savvy and generous, I highly recommend her coaching!"

“Working with Jennifer on my Quick Pitch gave me so much confidence and clarity in talking about myself. I made many professional connections (and even a direct booking!) directly after my Quick Pitch that she helped me prepare for. Even more than that, I've used Jennifer's coaching to introduce myself beyond Quick Pitch - at casting workshops, Clubhouse panels, and anywhere I have less than 30 seconds to make an authentic impression."

- Mirai, Audie Awards Finalist

Rhett Samuel Price, Audie Awards Finalist

"What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Jennifer Aquino and her APA Prep Workshop. I had an idea of what to expect, but Jennifer really helped me to nail down exactly what the publishers and casting directors were looking for during the APA event. You only get 2.5 minutes to make an impression and without Jennifer’s patience, guidance and of course, “Limitless Enthusiasm and Cheerleading”, I know my presentation wouldn’t have been half as successful. If you want to “Shine” during your APA [Quick Pitch], make sure you take Jennifer’s workshop!"

“Jennifer gives good solid coaching backed by industry experience and her own publisher network. Her optimism and professional advice helped me go into [the event] feeling confident and poised for success. I got great feedback and, more importantly, the interest of the publishers I wanted to work with. Book a session even if you aren’t selected this round because the pitch she helps you develop is useful even after ... Since my session I have been contacted by two publishers that I had not been able to network with before."

Laura Jennings, Earphone Awards Winning Narrator

Stephanie Nemeth Parker,

Earphone Awards Winning Narrator & Audie Awards Finalist

"I came in to Jennifer‘s session feeling ‘okay’ about my pitch, but I left knowing that it was the absolute best it could be due to her insightful suggestions and knowledge of what the publishers are looking for. Even hours later, I remember feeling a genuine gratitude for her insightful suggestions and supportive assistance.

After my session, I was invited to be on the narrator rosters of so many publishers! And I was offered a book from Podium and Audible Studios.

Here's how it works:

  • Each prep session will be a small group workshop over Zoom with just 3 - 5 actor/narrators.
  • You'll coach directly with Jennifer for about 15 minutes each, as she helps you customize a unique 2 1/2 minute pitch.
  • The prep session will be recorded and the replay will be emailed to you.
  • A Bonus Follow-up celebration session is included.
  • Best of all, this Momentum Club exclusive workshop is completely free to current members. You're encouraged to join Momentum Club to participate. However, if we have any remaining spots after our initial member registration, we will open up an à la carte ticket option.

Our next Quick Pitch Prep Session:

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About Your Coach, Jennifer Aquino

Jennifer Aquino is an actor and award-winning narrator based in Los Angeles. She works in film, television, commercials, theatre, and voiceover projects. Fun Fact! Jennifer was one of the doctors who killed McDreamy on the ABC medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.”

She joined The Great Audiobook Adventure in June 2020 and started working as an audiobook narrator in February 2021. She has already narrated titles with Penguin Random House, Hachette, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Audible Studios, Blackstone, Brilliance, Podium, Recorded Books, Dreamscape Media, Spotify/OrangeSky Audio, Tantor, Insatiable Press, and North Atlantic Books. She is also on the directing rosters at Hachette, Macmillan, and Brilliance.

Jennifer has a business background, having graduated from UCLA with a BA in Economics, and brings 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, networking, and leadership training.

- Charlie Albers

“The APA Quick Pitch is such an important step in my audiobook career, and so I knew instantly I wanted to work with Jennifer to prepare myself. Working with Jennifer was an absolute joy, she is extremely calm, knowledgeable and supportive. Through my prep session with Jennifer I was able to hone my pitch; finding what makes me unique to help producers get to know me better, as well as getting an understanding on the process before and after my pitch. Jennifer encouraged me to pull out some elements that people may not otherwise know about me, which gave me the confidence to really shine my true authentic self.

It may only be a few minutes of your career, but putting your best foot forward is key, so I highly recommend working with Jennifer to be at your best for your pitch. The support she gives before and after is immeasurable.

I have had such great feedback from producers following my pitch and I am already booked up for months in advance, which fills me with so much gratitude."

"I know for a fact my [Quick Pitch] success would not have been without Jennifer's help. She worked with my pitch, until it was more "me" than it was before! She has an inside scoop into what publishers do and don't want to hear. I was able to get over my nervousness in class, so that when speed dating came around I felt prepared and confident."

Melanie Carey

André Santana, Earphone Awards Winning Narrator & Audie Awards Finalist

"Jennifer doesn't just speak from experience, she sees who you are and want to be as a narrator. When you coach with her, she speaks with an insider understanding of what producers are looking for. That knowledge helped me feel incredibly confident and prepared when it was my time to pitch!

During my outreach after, one producer told me, 'your presentation was on point, and [...] I appreciate someone who shows up prepared.' I'm so glad I had Jennifer on my team to craft my pitch and help me move my career forward!"

"Prepping with Jennifer made all the difference in the world. It allowed me to be present and enjoy what would've otherwise been a stressful experience.

I came in confidently knowing what to expect and how to best present my truest self. It was a successful experience all thanks to thorough preparation.”

Dominique Franceschi,

Earphone Awards Winning Narrator

“Jennifer bring her unique experience as an actor, narrator, and business woman together to help you shine in this coaching. Her understanding of communication, positive psychology, and the narration industry leave you with clear talking points molded to quick pitch. To feel confident, specific, and prepared is a gift when you only have 2.5 minutes to share your essence and strength. In 2022 and 2023 2/3rds of my work came a seed that was planted in quick pitch and I am grateful for coaching I received to help my confidence and clarity."

- Mia Hutchinson-Shaw

Callie Beaulieu,
Earphone Awards Winning Narrator and Narrator of over 200 Audiobooks

"I think the most extraordinary skill Jennifer offers during her prep is clarity and focus. She has a unique ability to take your thoughts and pare them down to a pitch/statement that is authentic as well as appropriate. I was so grateful for her honest insight into how I wanted to present myself.

Jen also shares her speed dating and producer experience in her prep so you go into the experience knowing exactly what is going to happen…and for me eliminating surprises is key!

I enjoyed working in a small group setting, it created not only a support team that, in my particular case, has led to continued connections but also gave you the opportunity to be inspired as well. Throughout the experience I felt supported, encouraged and directed. I have recommended Jen to others and will continue to do so, the experience was invaluable!

Following my participation in [the event], I not only received a booking from a top 5 publisher, I received great feedback from Publishers I already had a relationship with, 'Loved you at Speed Dating! You did a great job!'"

“Jennifer brings enthusiasm and industry knowledge to her sessions, providing a perfect balance between individual and group coaching. Jennifer’s learning environment is safe and creates a sense of community.

After coaching with Jennifer, I was ready to hit the ground running for my APA [Quick Pitch] session with an authentic, fun and personalized pitch. Producers were contacting me before we finished our team follow-up call. I highly recommend scheduling a session!”

Cynthia Eaton Voiceover Artist

Keyonni James

"Working with Jennifer is always a pleasure. and working with her to prep for my APA [Quick Pitch] session was no different. Jennifer exudes infectious positive energy, and her knowledge and connections in the audiobook industry guarantee that you'll walk away with the tools and information you need to prosper in this industry as a narrator."